Mud and Flu

It’s been so busy around here I forgot to take photos! But I thought I’d give a quick update anyway and thank my wonderful family for helping out!

Paul has been in bed with the flu, so I’m trying to juggle taking care of him, yurt building, getting the garden going, and building a chicken coop. They are all coming along though.

The weather has been sunny and warm so we started mudding the drywall (the parts that are up anyway…). My aunt came up and taught me how to wet sponge/sand the mud and I am so grateful she did! No sanding or dust, just gently wiping the semi-dry mud with a damp sponge and letting it dry. Thank you Marcia!

My dad and Osse came up and and helped get things moving too – it was so nice to have a crew helping. It’s amazing how fast you can get things done! Especially helpers who already know what they are doing. Thank you both so much!

It felt great to see things moving along so quickly, I put some second coats on the next day, but then I started fading and so did the weather. I had to get the roof on the chicken coop and the peas in the garden before the rain set in today, so the mudding slowed down. Now the weather is turning and we’ll have to wait to finish the mudding. Disappointing, but there is plenty of other work to do! (cement board and drywall in the bathroom and kitchen, plumbing, loft…)



One thought on “Mud and Flu

  1. Hi Fern!  My goodness, you’ve been busy!   I just finally got my peas planted yesterday; just in time for the rain, too.  It takes so long for this soil to dry enough to work.  It’s finally getting there; my tomato seeds are inside in pots on my heat mat in the little bedroom. 

    Tell Paul I’m sorry to hear he’s been sick!   Has it been bad?  Did he get a flu shot?   Hope he’ll be better in time for his 50th birthday!  Give him a kiss from me.

    take care that you don’t get sick!



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