Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted! I’ll try to do some catching up this week.

Paul and I are up in the little open loft, Kari is in her room. (She’s even had a sleepover in there.)

Once we were all sleeping in the new yurt, we decided to tackle the bathroom…

First, I textured and painted.

pre-water heater   pre-tub

Paul installed the water heater. And we did the tub, window, and sink. I lifted the sink onto a little box as it was too low.

bath window sink tub water heater


3 thoughts on “Bathroom

  1. Hi down there!   Thanks for the pics, however I haven’t seen very much of the interior of the yurt.   Dema told me how awesome it is . . . .   It must be so great having an indoor bath!   congratulations. XO mom  

  2. Great to see that your still working on your yurt. Not been doing much in ours this year – I did add a bedroom for my son. But been so busy it’s hard to get things done. I’ll have to post soon myself. 😉

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