It’s been getting a little cold around here…

cold puppy

So we tackled the woodstove, hearth, and chimney.

First, we had to move the several-hundred-pound hearth form the little yurt. Turns out Paul glued it to the floor, so he had to remove the floor with the hearth.

Then we had to move it and place it into the new yurt.

Next, Paul hooked up the new chimney.

chimney pieces    finished chimney

And finally, we moved the woodstove with help from John and Linda and some tool borrowing from Ted and Myrt.

We rolled it on skateboards out of the little yurt and into the tractor bucket.

Then we drove it over to the new yurt where I cleaned it up.

tractoring woodstove

Before cleaning:

rusty stove

And after:

clean stove

Now it’s nice and toasty inside!

warm puppy


2 thoughts on “Heat

  1. Very nice!   I have leftover stones from the mat–they are so beautiful.  I do different things with them.  What a lot of work!   Hope nobody got pulled muscles or anything!  Take care, mom

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