Our big project this month has been the kitchen.

We bought a new fridge and a used range.

new fridge! new stove

Installed a kitchen window.

building window buck   wall 1


wall 2   window buck  

cutting 1    cutting 2

installing window    re-insulating

Next we raised (on 2x4s for added height) and installed the new cabinets.

raised cabinets    haning cabinets  cabinets in-progress   

Lastly, we installed our new sink. (First time I’ve had hot running water in the kitchen in five years!)

sink plumbing sink install cutting new sink! installing faucet drain pipes

Time to move all the food and dishes!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen

  1. Hi again!   Thanks so much for all the photos!   Your kitchen looks just beautiful; you have worked so hard and I hope you get many year’s enjoyment out of it.    Paul, you don’t have to worry if your practice should have to close, you have another career right at hand!  Carpentry!  Lord knows, you’ve certainly had enough practice with this project, eh?     Congratulations to you both; a stunning job! XOXOXOXO mom      

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