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Our Home

Our house today – still in progress, but we love it! 🙂

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Our big project this month has been the kitchen.

We bought a new fridge and a used range.

new fridge! new stove

Installed a kitchen window.

building window buck   wall 1


wall 2   window buck  

cutting 1    cutting 2

installing window    re-insulating

Next we raised (on 2x4s for added height) and installed the new cabinets.

raised cabinets    haning cabinets  cabinets in-progress   

Lastly, we installed our new sink. (First time I’ve had hot running water in the kitchen in five years!)

sink plumbing sink install cutting new sink! installing faucet drain pipes

Time to move all the food and dishes!


It’s been getting a little cold around here…

cold puppy

So we tackled the woodstove, hearth, and chimney.

First, we had to move the several-hundred-pound hearth form the little yurt. Turns out Paul glued it to the floor, so he had to remove the floor with the hearth.

Then we had to move it and place it into the new yurt.

Next, Paul hooked up the new chimney.

chimney pieces    finished chimney

And finally, we moved the woodstove with help from John and Linda and some tool borrowing from Ted and Myrt.

We rolled it on skateboards out of the little yurt and into the tractor bucket.

Then we drove it over to the new yurt where I cleaned it up.

tractoring woodstove

Before cleaning:

rusty stove

And after:

clean stove

Now it’s nice and toasty inside!

warm puppy


Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve posted! I’ll try to do some catching up this week.

Paul and I are up in the little open loft, Kari is in her room. (She’s even had a sleepover in there.)

Once we were all sleeping in the new yurt, we decided to tackle the bathroom…

First, I textured and painted.

pre-water heater   pre-tub

Paul installed the water heater. And we did the tub, window, and sink. I lifted the sink onto a little box as it was too low.

bath window sink tub water heater