We’ve been learning new skills…

How to build interior walls,


How to start the loft,


and How to drywall a curve.

drywall   curve



We are slowly starting on the loft…

harvested the trees

tree down

ready for milling


hauled them to the site


planed – all pretty


sawing them down to the right length


Thank you John!

John came up a few weeks back, when Paul was gone for the day, and stapled all the plastic up over the ceiling insulation!

It was a miserable job and such a wonderful surprise for Paul when he got home!

I didn’t tell Paul, I let him get all suited up for a long day of hard, painful work and then he walked inside the new yurt and it was done!

Thank you so much, John!


We have two new windows and the electric is wired!

It’s not hooked up to the inverter and batteries yet, but we can hook it up through an extension cord and all the wiring works!

My computer crashed and ate the photos, so none of the electric lights, but I’ll take some more of the windows tomorrow.IMG_9510      IMG_9513


We finally finished the insulation!

There are still a few cracks to fill and we need to get plastic up over the ceiling insulation, but all the cutting and fitting is done!

Paul also finished the wall insulation while I was out of town – that only took 2 hours, such a nicer material to work with.

Next up, living room windows!


Sprained Ankle

Sprained my ankle today stepping down from the yurt door. Not too badly, shouldn’t interfere with the project much, but it hurts tonight.

It’s been a slow month, but we have lots of materials ordered and arriving throughout the next few weeks.

We’ve been getting little things done – like the rain diverter in and the cables tightened – Paul thought to use garden hoes for that so it went very quickly and easily with no ladders needed until we clamped the end.

The electric is coming along as well, another slow task as we have so much to learn each step of the way.


Now we are working on the ceiling insulation – not a fun job 😦

There is a cable in the ceiling of the yurt that is structurally important, but interferes with the insulation. Here is our solution:

Step 1: (cut your piece of insulation to fit) Then fit it into the space and press it against the cable. This leaves an indentation at each edge of the insulation where the cable is.

Step 2: Draw a straight line from each edge-dent.

Step 3: Cut the line about 2″ deep a couple of times (to make a wider cut) with a circular saw.

Step 4: Fit the insulation back into its space and the cable will press right into the groove you cut.

Slow going, and very dusty work, but it’s coming along.

Hopefully the wall insulation will be much better – it’s recycled denim, so not all the toxic plastic particles flying around.