We are slowly starting on the loft…

harvested the trees

tree down

ready for milling


hauled them to the site


planed – all pretty


sawing them down to the right length



2 thoughts on “Oak

  1. Dear Fern and Paul,

    Thanks so much for the update!   How did your xmas go?   If you will let me know of something you’d like to have, I’d be happy to shop for it and send it to you.  I feel bad about not giving you a xmas gift!!!   I think I’m going to SF on the 16th for just 4 days.  Dema’s so busy and there’s very little I can do down there, especially with the weather they’re having!   Almost as cold as we are!  Otherwise I’d be helping in the yard.  Oh well, it’ll be fun anyway.  I’ll likely get to eat at one or two new restaurants!  



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