Wind and a Window

Paul worked out in the pouring rain yesterday to make sure the yurt was solid and ready for the wind and more rain expected last night. Glad he did because it came in full force! Our yurt looks great this morning, still standing and weather tight 🙂


Earlier this week we worked to get the first window in before the rain came.




We got close, but part way through we realized that the trim/weather seal has a right side and a left side (not in the directions, but pretty obvious – I think we were tired), the rain came in and we called it a day.

So yesterday morning I went out to take down the trim we had put up and redo it correctly before the rain started again.

Now we have our first window completed! While we wait for our two other windows to get here, we are getting ready to start on electricity. I’m reading books as fast as I can so we can get started this week. I think I’ll need some help…


3 thoughts on “Wind and a Window

  1. Oh… The window… Cool. We are waiting to do this on ours. Seems kinda scary to cut into the side of the yurt. Window go pretty easy aside from the trim instructions?

    • It was so scary to cut the fabric, LOL. The window went in very easily and seems nice and tight – even through the wind and rain. With the trim, I would recommend screwing in the corners only until you are sure it’s all square before drilling the rest of the holes. It’s much easier to adjust that way.

      We are putting in two more soon and then will wait to do the kitchen and bath windows until next year. One other tip, we did not remove the side cover like the directions say to do. We just slid them metal pieces in between the lattice and the side cover – there was plenty of room to pull the side cover back an inch and get the drill in there. (You’ll see what I mean when you get there.)

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