Side Cover

This morning we took in the view and Paul enjoyed his morning coffee.



Then we spent some time adjusting the top cover so it was straight. These S-hook straps where so helpful! We could hook them through a grommet and pull (lightly) to get the top cover tight over the rafters, then move them down to the next section of top cover.

Our Otto-matic wood chipper taking care of scraps for us.

And our new side cover is up! (Windows will be cut in soon.) Pacific Yurts has a very cool new clip system for attaching the side wall – Paul loved it and we were able to quickly attach it with just the two of us.




5 thoughts on “Side Cover

  1. Very cool – like to see other Yurt projects – what general area is yours located? We are located in western Oregon (USA). So far its a fun learning experience – but now slogging through all the minor details and finish work. Hoping to move in soon ;).


  2. oh wow… Washington – very cool. We stuck with a 24′ to keep under the radar – having any trouble with officials up there?

    We are hoping to be sleeping in the Yurt by mid October – or sooner. But things will probably not be done to a respectable level till november I think. We will wait till next spring to install the window kit… and decide on the wood stove as well ( we do have the wood stove flashing kit ). Anyhow, keep up the great blog – looking forward to see how you plan to finish it up :).

  3. Our timeline is about the same as yours. We are hoping to have things together enough to move in before any snows come, but will be slowly finishing for another couple years. I love watching how yours is coming together!

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