Plan 13

When they say the heavy-duty top cover is heavy, they aren’t kidding! We attempted to get it onto the roof using people-power, but were unsuccessful. We tried a few combinations of people and tractor unsuccessfully as well.


We took a lunch break to think it over and recruit some fresh minds to take on the challenge.

We built a ramp for the top cover to slide up, with a board attached across the rafters so the full weight wasn’t on the end of the lattice. The we hooked a tow-rope around the middle of the folded (triangular) top cover, threw the rope over the center ring and tied it on to the tractor on the other side. The (very heavy-duty marine) rope was tied to the tractor far enough back that it didn’t touch the cable/lattice on the far side – so the weight stayed focused evenly over the dome.


Once it was up there, unrolling it went very well.













Thanks for all the great pictures Liv!

Our roof   🙂


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