The Roof Goes Up!

Friends and family arrive today to help raise the roof!

Paul laid out the rafters so they would be easy to grab from inside the lattice,


While I labeled the rafter locations with duct tape around the cable. Stars for the first rafters, then the numbering system from the directions for the rest. I also marked every other hole in the center ring with chalk so it was easier to count them from below.


Hooray for friends and family!

We didn’t have scaffolding or a lift, so Paul came up with a “wall-raising” type system to lift the center ring. Posts were secured to the ring to lift and hold it while the first rafters went in.



It actually worked really well.

The first eight rafters were challenging to get in, but then things went quickly and the support post weren’t needed.




Our wonderful support crew for bringing us tools and water!


And our on-site doctor in case anyone got a rafter to the head. Luckily a splinter was the worst injury of the day!


We did run into some problems though. Since the walls were shorter than expected, and we upgraded to 2×6 rafters, the cable was too low for the over-the-door rafters to fit onto it. So, we left holes above both doors and waited to talk with customer service on Monday.

Overall, the day went really well! Great to see friends and family, no injuries, and we are on our way to a beautiful new home.



Thank you Jim, Emma, Peter, Glenda, Max, Olivia, Liam, Bill, Luke, Connie, and Dad!





One thought on “The Roof Goes Up!

  1. I spoke with Pacific Yurts this morning, apparently 6′ 10″ is standard height for the tall wall on a 30′ yurt, not 7′ like we thought. And 2×6 rafter upgrades need to be trimmed at the ends to get them to fit over the doors. So, Paul and I will finish the last few rafters on our own later this week and the yurt frame will be done!

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