Drip edge and Lattice

Paul wanted something more weather resistant than plywood for the drip edge so we went with hardiboard siding. I was skeptical, but it came out very well and went up easily with two people.

The lattice was a challenge to lift onto the platform and stretch out. The directions are for yurts with only one door so they weren’t quite right for our two-door yurt. The lattice roll should have been set up half way between both doors, rather than at the 12:00 position, but it worked out fine – just took some extra adjusting to get around.

It ended up only being about 6′ 9.5″ tall, rather than 7′. That was a little disappointing.

The directions were a hard to understand when lining up the door, but we figured it out. The little gap in the sill plate goes outside the drip edge so that the side cover can slide into it later on.

Brackets attached.

Walls and doors up!

Friends arrive tomorrow to raise the roof – exciting and scary!


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