Bad Screws and a Billboard

Putting down the flooring has not been going so well. We really wanted to use screws on everything so that it could be taken down and moved if needed someday, but nails sure would be easier!

The only trim-head screws available require a square bit to screw them in. All the square heads of these screws seem to dream of being round little circles because as soon as you try to put them in, they strip out and turn into a circle.

The first brand we bought were crap – they were super soft and half of them bent before they stripped out, not counting the ones that came out of the box already bent. We made some frustratingly slow progress:

Into town I went to buy a better screw, along with a large tarp to help cover the foil-faced insulation and save us from burning up. I found some screws that looked pretty good and then went off to find a tarp. As I’m standing in the tarp aisle, a man walks up “Why do you need a tarp?”  I explain the burning sun problem. “I have a huge billboard covering at home you could have, I get them free.” Wow, free giant tarp! I followed him to his house and he loaded it up for me. Now our worksite is covered with these giant heads:

The new screws are much better, but still seem to try their hardest to become circles. We are trying new bits. If that doesn’t work we will pre-drill. If that doesn’t work, nail gun it is!


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