Day One

Here is the site of our new yurt:

We spent our first day, Monday July 16th, putting up batter boards to make sure our footings would all be square.

It took all day! We had to find all the tools and materials and cut stakes and square everything up – very long day.

Lessons learned today: 1. Wear taller socks  – grass cuts hurt.

2. Everything takes WAY longer than you think.

3. We need to buy a fridge now so I can pre-make dinners for the week rather than be starving and tired at the end of the day and then have to cook.

Things we did right today: 1. Took our time – no stress and rush 2. Drank plenty of water 3. Treated one another kindly 4. Put all the tools away 5.Wore sun hats and plenty of sun screen 6. Kept track of the dog


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